10 Successful Ways To Start Your Job

Career is one important aspect of your life and how you approach it decides your success through your professional journey.  You should all believe that professional growth is possible and you will get promotions or designations. They are the direct outcome of the start you make, the opportunities you create and chances you convert in your favor.

Five Things At The Start Of A Job

  • Know Your Company – Know the  structure, culture, work environment, goals and missions, policies, or its financial health, do your homework as it helps you to condition your mind on what to expect
  • Know Your Boss – Your boss is the linchpin between you and the organization. It is important that you know him well. Get some time on his calendar and understand his expectations from you and share yours too. Gradually, know is work style, outlook towards issues and approach to various situations. It is always good to build a good working relationship with them
  • Know Your Role – By gaining clarity on your position and responsibilities in the team, department, unit or an organization, you can decide your approach to work
  • Know Your Job – Build a deep understanding of your work, break it down to the basics, learn all elements of the task assigned to you. Don’t begin with shortcuts, knowing your work in detail will help you plan for the hurdles and challenges
  • Know Your Metrics – It is primary that you know what are you rated upon and how is your performance tracked. Build a good understanding of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs) and how does it impact your periodic reviews

These five-pointer guide will help you settle and get in terms with the company.  Along with this, you also need to make a good start, here’s what can help

Ten Ways To Successfully Start Your Job

Carry Right Attitude

It is not about saying yes or no to everything. Your attitude towards work should combine  –

– Assertion and passion,

– Patience and determination,

– Hard work and smart work

One strong feedback should not put you off and a string of successes should not make you boastful

Set Real Expectations

Keeping real expectations leads you to –

– Manage enthusiasm, ability, and disappointments

Create chances to display your capabilities

– Be methodical in your approach

Be Open Minded  –

Being open-minded helps you absorb things that are new to you.

It helps you build new perspectives and learning which can prove crucial to your stay and progress in the organization

Seek Answers

Being new to the organization, you will have several questions.

Spend time with your boss, consult the relevant people and colleagues to get the right answers.

Getting your doubts and questions answered, will allow you to express your skills and talent in a better way

Build Relations

Know people around you, your team members, colleagues, boss’s boss, other related teams who you interact with or would have to.

It allows you to make a good network web within the organization.

It gives you visibility in other departments and you understand the company dynamics better

Strike the Right Balance

Be it performance or taking more responsibilities, spending time with friends or working with your team, learning new processes or excelling in the current one, spending extra hours at work or taking regular leaves.

By weighing the importance and relevance of choices and goals, you will be able to work well in striking the balance

Don’t Lose Focus

Staying focused at work and keeping an eye on your goals is a key to professional success. Focus on your performance, behavior, and actions.

Along with self-growth, lay emphasis on the team or group performance and expectations, as team success is as important as individual gains


Continue to Up-skill  –

Your existing skills will only take you so far. As you grow in tenure, you should know when you need a new skill or upgrade an old one.

The key is to keep your skills updated as it gives you enough advantage in your progress and growth

Create Development Plan

You may think it is too early but remember, if you don’t know where you are heading, you will get lost.

Creating a well thought and worked upon development plan, ensuring to act upon it, will take care of your engagement and performance level as you stay confident and at the top of your game.

Ensure to constantly update/revise your plan as you keep achieving your goals and have a plan B in place as well

Don’t Be Impatient

Give yourself time to settle in the corporate life, if you ask too much too soon from the company, you are calling upon more disappointments for yourself.

Such behavior will wear your enthusiasm down and allow frustration to grow. Results, performance, efficiency, building relations will all happen, be patient


Entering a professional world may feel intimidating at first but you will gradually make your mark and settle.  Back yourself to achieve what you have set out for. Embrace and be embraced with this new beginning of your life and soon you will feel at ease and begin to shine

Wishing You A Satisfying Career!


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  1. Great tips! I’m currently at the stage where I am keeping my expectations real and managing my enthusiasm. I’ve also realised that being methodical is very important, as you mention. It’s so easy to get ahead of yourself sometimes when you love the work you do.


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