Coaching – What You Should Know

Coaching, today is considered a key to unlock potential, confidence, skills, personality traits which people thought was beyond them.


Coaching - Key to Success


Coaching was initially recognized pivotal in sports but around the 70’s and the 80’s, the scope of coaching was realized in the corporate world by the leading corporates and today coaching is one of the most sought after profession.

As per the University of British Columbia, coaching helps in development, learning, and yielding results. 

CEOs have realized that while training will have people ready for work, it is coaching and feedback at the right time which will help employees become better at their job and flourish.

Not only employees at the starting ranks, but everyone including the top bosses of the organization is going through coaching lessons to become better at what they do through the help of business coaches or life coaches or some even have personal coaches.

Here is a look at a General Coaching Process, tweaked and customized by companies to suit their requirements.

Steps of coaching

When done appropriately and timely, coaching can help the employees and/or the organizations to focus on the things that are acting as blockers in their careers or goal achievements, and help them move beyond such hurdles with well-crafted plans for performance, growth, skill building or personality development.

As rightly said by Sir John Whitmore, considered a godfather of coaching,

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential  to maximize their growth”


A Coaching Session usually is  –

Research indicates that 68% of employees who receive correct and consistent feedback/coaching feel fulfilled in their jobs.

In today’s time, Coaching is proving not only critical for managing a lot of business elements but also supporting the constantly changing, competitive and stress-filled work environment.


Importance of Coaching – A few pointers here,

For Organizations –

For Employees –

  • Better Engagement
  • Work with purpose – 37% found ‘coaching helped change the way employees approached work situations
  • Reduced job changes
  • High motivation levels – 43% felt that ‘coaching helped them apply some clarity to their work life and helped with their motivation’
  • Mutual growth opportunity – 40% saw ‘coaching helped employees grow into a new role.
  • Channelized energy
  • Plan your future
  • Improve or Polish Skills – 50% of the people felt that ‘coaching helped them acquire a new skill or improve on an existing one’.

* Stats from the survey conducted by Clear Coaching Limited 

Coaching and mentoring today has acquired larger visibility and significance in the businesses and their growth be it manufacturing or a customer services operations, be it transportation sector or the IT firms is widespread.

Some of the Top Fortune Companies like GE and Adobe use coaching employee as a part of the performance management,  while others like Google, look at it as an independent activity for all who need an extra something at work such as guidance, opinion, experience sharing and way forwards.

With much emphasis on coaching, you see career options in Life Coach, Business Coach, Professional Coach and several such professions opening up and growing strong.

Coaching for me bridges the gap between

indecision or Self-doubt and confidence building or exploring talent 


While coaching has become a part of the organizations across the industries, one important aspect of coaching is the Coach. Next in the category of coaching is the role of a Leader as a Coach.

What does coaching means to you?






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  1. A personalized goal oriented coaching is so must in every organization with every individual..It opens up so many aspects among the employees & for the organization if the “Coach” follows the right strategy!

  2. As expected, thanks for this epic, most people including myself like to be showing around as to what I’m or need to do more when I’m new to the system. Coaching to me has really helped a lot of people in discovering their potential.


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