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As children, we all grew up with several dreams, some of them stayed with us and others made way for new dreams, the cycle continues. What I want you to focus upon is that one dream out of many that came true and is a reality today. What did you do differently to make it happen?

I have been a dreamer most of my life but I always had fears of losing my dreams and I did lose a few of course! I also feared of failing, not fulfilling my dreams and a lesson from my father motivated me, as he believes that we only live once and we should make the most of it, so go on take chances, explore life and let it teach you lessons that as parents they couldn’t teach. He always says; “don’t be afraid, if you fail, FAIL BIG for that matter, only to NEVER repeat that failure.”




Most of us are afraid of thinking outside the box, living outside the box or failing while pursuing dreams as we have been protected, directed and corrected by family and friends most part of our lives. But just like a young bird takes off for the first flight with no fear to fall, have confidence in yourself and DREAM BIG! Irrespective of your family situation, societal pressure, peer pressure, personal circumstances or financial limitations, you got a dream, protect it, work towards it. Couldn't help but put up this video




I feel and always believe that dreams are the beginning of everything. With time I realized that my connection with dreams has been powerful and effective in ways which have led me to work hard and achieve a lot of things which otherwise seemed distant.  However, I was constantly reminded by my experiences that just dreams alone are not ENOUGH. If dreams are not paired with ACTIONS, it most likely will bite the dust and unfulfilled dreams ultimately fuel disappointments. This does not mean you give up on your dreams, have dreams but have realistic goals alongside the dreams.

Wishful thinking can’t be goals! GOALS can be life goals, yearly goals, break them into even monthly, weekly goals but they have to be realistic. By  Personalizing and customizing the goals they don’t feel like a task, rather they become your routine and you enjoy them. There have been times in my life where I have had daily goals for myself, it was exciting to meet them, challenging when I did not meet them but eventually in no time I would achieve my weekly, monthly and even yearly goals. Every drop of water matters when you are parched. Same with dreams, to achieve them, every step towards them is a significant progress.




With dreams and goals, a couple of elements which are essential and which I learned to apply till date are DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY. These are not only keywords; they have a greater impact when put into practice. It is an everyday affair, be determined and regular each day,  plan your day to what is in your control. As it is famously said, “we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan”.

Believe me, when I say, “HARD WORK, WORKS”, it actually does! You pick up any successful personality, when you hear or read about them, you will know that they worked hard to get where they are today. Hard work propels talent, talent alone does not get you anywhere, but by being consistent and disciplined you are sure to shine through in the universe. 

So I urge you all to –


NOT TO BE AFRAID OF FAILURES – but never repeat the failure

DREAM BIG – Believe in your dreams




HAVE GOALS – Keep them realistic and measurable

BE DISCIPLINED & CONSISTENT – Make goals your habit, part of your routine



WORK HARD, IT WORKS – Absolutely, efforts done in a right direction will never be exhausting

MOST IMPORTANT – If you have a dream, protect it


As peers, coaches, leaders, managers, parents, teachers, friends and anyone that you are - encourage people to pursue their dreams so that they love what they do in future.

Keep Reminding Yourself,

“You don’t get what you wish for; you get

what you work for”


Your view matters
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  1. Awesome post! I think our obsession with making everything perfect leads us to be inefficient. Our goal should be to become better not THE best. Focusing on what’s important will get us further.

  2. Just the push I needed today! I also believe that “Hard work works”! Setting goals isn’t the end goal. We must do something and persevere to achieve our goals. Thanks for sharing this! ❤️


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