Wonder Why Are You Not Progressing?


Wonder why you are not progressing, in life, career, job or anything? The answer to this question is really simple and most of us don’t understand simple things.

With changing times, most people think that they are doing a lot of things when they are on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, by being involved socially, posting a better-looking picture, embellishing the old skills, following people on Instagram.

Well, there is nothing is wrong with any of that, but what most of the people forget that such activities are distractive in nature and puts our mind away from being productive. In his book, Your Brain at Work, David Rock explains that performance can decrease by up to 50% when a person focuses on two mental tasks at once.  With regards to this context, the following line always stays with me –

Just because we are doing a lot more today, doesn’t mean that we are getting a lot more done

People all around are looking for quick & easy ways to succeed in life, most of them continue to whine about not getting a job, a raise, a promotion, or profits or even a happy life, that’s because they are not working towards these aspects. Many of us are extremely distracted by what’s happening around us, by following the usual routine, but still have a feeling that they have accomplished a lot, when the reality is they were involved in unproductive activities. A research led by legendary Stanford University professor Clifford Nass concluded that distractions reduce the brain’s ability to filter out irrelevancy in its working memory.



This is where most of us confuse MOVEMENT for PROGRESS. Let’s get a quick definition of both these terms

MOVEMENT – an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed.

PROGRESS – growth or development; continuous improvement


While you are working more hours, spending more energy in all the places doesn’t add up to progress. Check and analyze where your time is best spent, what has been your contribution, impact, and what’s the outcome of your efforts.  If you don’t see a difference there, it simply suggests that all of us can run all the time but get nowhere.

Progress comes at its own pace and it may vary for each one of us. That does not mean, we just wait for it and do nothing. We should continue to work towards it with a positive and forward-thinking approach. What I mean is that you can’t sit on a rocking horse and think that you are riding a horse. Make a transition from a movement to progress, instead of doing more things with less or no results, FOCUS and ACT on things that have more impact on your journey in making progress.

Actions that impact growth matter more, than acting upon anything and everything

Often it is seen that for progress, we turn out to shortcuts or we doubt ourselves. It is not always easy to achieve your dreams or goals, that doesn’t mean that you give up or resort to shortcuts. Instead, investing the energy in out of the box and constructive solutions will take us the distance. In this process of thinking outside the box, we are bound to increase our learning, experience and focused work approach, which adds a quantum to our progress.

Other aspects of progress include –

When you set and follow these elements, you will realize that movement is converting into progress.

With progress starts happening, you would realize that giving up or limiting the distractions and movement works well. The magic begins to happen when the progress is consistent and you enjoy it. When the need arises, don’t shy away from claiming your success and don’t forget to continue on activities that got you the success. Progress is reflective of your keen interest to learn and grow continuously.


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